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Banana Boss specializes in creating a wide range of high-quality colored cosmetics with personalized lookbooks for every occasion, where every individual can find something unique and comfortable to them.

Let's Go Bananas!


A Masters in Medical Science in Nutrition Graduate.

Despite her soft look on the outside, Janice has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an appetite for risks and adventures. 

Janice resonates easily with people and hopes to bring something fun yet relatable to people's life. Afterall life is dull without the adrenaline to meet deadlines, and of course the excitement for new experiences, new looks and new goals.

Lynn keeps her in check. :)

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Stranded in her daily 9-5 job, Lynn spends most of her time unwinding at night watching tons of makeup tutorials and cosmetic product reviews online. 

Being a beauty addict since young has made her extra sensitive towards the latest beauty trends and styles. 

It has always been her dream to produce her own range of cosmetics, and things started go bananas when she met Janice!

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